Water-soluble paper tape Rusolvo

Simple and convenient solution for securing fixing of water-soluble paper on a workpiece

Water-soluble film Rusolvo

Rufilm is a reliable and eco-friendly solution for consumptive inert gas usage

Water-soluble paper Rusolvo

Instant solution in the sphere of pipe purging for the purpose of arc welding by wolfram electrode


Rusolvo IS A RUSSIAN MANUFACTURER OF pipe weld Inerting gas PURGING equipment used in a wide range of industries.

Our company provides a wide range of water-soluble paper and associated goods, creating the perfect environment for purging as a result of keeping inerting gas in the weld zone. 
Rusolvo produces superior goods through advanced technology and unique  development, ensuring simplicity of use and cost-effectiveness. 
Rusolvo production takes low-cost advantage over foreign manufacturers of purging equipment, maintaining the high quality.  It is achieved by means of manufacturing location within the territory of the Russian Federation