Water-soluble paper tape Rusolvo

Simple and convenient solution for securing fixing of water-soluble paper on a workpiece

Water-soluble film Rusolvo

Rufilm is a reliable and eco-friendly solution for consumptive inert gas usage

Water-soluble paper Rusolvo

Instant solution in the sphere of pipe purging for the purpose of arc welding by wolfram electrode

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Water-soluble paper tape

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Water-soluble tape is an additional element for securing water-soluble paper in place. Also it can be used on its own in order to create a inert gas barrier in small diameter pipes.

Water-soluble tape is suitable for paint job and souvenirs creation. 

Water-soluble paper tape Rusolvo is a reliable and eco-friendly solution for more effective inert gas usage during the welding process. 

Technical characteristics of water-soluble tape Rusolvo:

Water-soluble tape 

Item No.



Case pack

Case pack


0,08 mm

25mm*92 M


Box/8 rolls.


0,08 mm

50mm*92 M


Box/4 rolls.

Our water-soluble paper tape is a well-tried, effective and eco-friendly purge solution in the process of welding. It is used for inert gas restraining during argon-arc welding of stainless steel and aluminium pipes. Rusolvo can be used as purge dam, suitable for every pipe diameter and can be placed in close proximity to the weld zone.

The paper tape can be used not only along with water-soluble paper, but with water-soluble film also.